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   Region 4:
   Region 1:
12 May 2003
14 May 2003
25 May 2004

Buffy Season 6 -- which, of course, includes "Once More, With Feeling" -- is now available on DVD for Regions 2 and 4. If you are able to buy the box set in 2 parts, it's Part 1 you want in order to get "Once More, With Feeling" and its special features.

By this point in the series releases, I'd expect all regions to get identical content, and the region 2 and 4 DVDs have a good set of extras. Those specific to "Once More, With Feeling" are a commentary by Joss Whedon, Three Karaoke sing-alongs, a behind the scenes featurette and Newswrap of the Tower Records CD signing.

Other Season 6 extras include:

  • Commentaries for "Bargaining","Smashed", "Hell's Bells", "Normal Again" and "Grave"
  • 1-hour Academy of TV Arts and Sciences Panel Discussion
  • 45 minute "A & E TVography" featurette
  • 30 minute "Season 6 Overview - Life Is The Big Bad"
  • Featurette - "Buffy Goes To Work"
  • Outtakes reel
  • ROM content

You can buy the Region 2 box set through Amazon.co.uk.

Full contents:

Disc 1

Bargaining (Parts 1 and 2)
After Life

Special features:

  • Commentary for "Bargaining" by Marti Noxon and David Fury

Disc 2

Life Serial
All The Way
Once More, With Feeling
Tabula Rasa

Special features:

  • Commentary for "Once More, With Feeling" by Joss Whedon
  • Three Karaoke sing-alongs [10:16]:
    - I've Got a Theory/Bunnies/If We're Together
    - I'll Never Tell
    - Walk Through The Fire
  • Behind the scenes featurette for "One More, With Feeling" [28:15]
  • Easter egg: Newswrap - "Once More, With Feeling" Tower Records signing [1:45]

Disc 3


Special features:

  • Commentary for "Smashed" by Drew Z. Greenberg
  • Academy of TV Arts and Sciences Panel Discussion [59:26]
  • Eight Trailers:
    - Buffy Season 2 DVD
    - Buffy Season 3 DVD
    - Buffy Season 4 DVD
    - Buffy Season 5 DVD
    - Angel Season 1 DVD
    - Angel Season 2 DVD
    - Angel Season 3 DVD
    - Buffy The Vampire Slayer Feature Film

Disc 4

Doublemeat Palace
Dead Things
Older and Far Away
As You Were

Special features:

  • Behind the Scenes Featurette - Buffy Goes To Work
  • Easter egg: ROM content

Disc 5

Hell's Bell's
Normal Again
Seeing Red

Special features:

  • Commentary for "Hell's Bells" by David Solomon and Rebecca Rand Kirshner
  • Commentary for "Normal Again" by Rick Rosenthal and Diego Gutierrez

Disc 6

Two To Go

Special features:

  • Commentary for "Grave" by James Contner and David Fury
  • Featurette: "Season 6 Overview - Life Is The Big Bad" [30:19]
  • Featurette: "A & E TVography" [43:02]
  • Outtakes reel [02:38]


Region 4
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