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"Once More, With Feeling" on DVD

There have actually been 4 different dvds of Once More, With Feeling released so far: The Emmy Promo included with Variety, the German language single disc, the English language single disc, and the episode as part of the Season 6 set

Season 6, Ep 7 menu

The pick of the bunch is the Season 6, disc 2 version, as it's the only one that includes a commentary by Joss Whedon, and extras specific to the musical episode.

As you'd expect, Joss's commentary is funny as well as informative. He gives insight into the writing and making of the musical, what his influences were, his favorite moments of the finished episode, and what shots didn't quite work as well as he'd intended.

He also gives a lot of tidbits such as how many takes it took to get the Parking Ticket/Broom Dance shot done, which song was originally written in place of Something To Sing About and why it got ditched, and - most frightening of all - who is the real owner of Dawn's backpack.

Joss's Dancing Fairy didn't make the final cut

Behind The Scenes featurette:
This 28 minute featurette is culled from approximately 40 hours of video footage taken by Co-Executive Producer (and co-star) David Fury throughout the whole making of the episode, some of which was used in promos before the episode aired. Personally, I would have liked to have all 40 hours, but this is a fairly comprehensive featurette, including footage from production meetings, soundtrack recording sessions, dance rehearsals, movement blocking, and on-set during filming.

There are several sequences where the rehearsal and on-set footage are intercut with the finished scene - sort of like a multi-angle feature but without all that pesky hitting-the-Next-Angle-button.


This section includes the I've Got a Theory/Bunnies/If We're Together medley, as well as I'll Never Tell and Walk Through The Fire, with the lyrics being displayed below the video. I had thought these might be the backing tracks with the lead vocals removed, but they are the full recordings.

Easter Egg:
This almost 2 minute newswrap of the Tower Record signing features Joss, Amber and Michelle signing autographs, a funny sound bite from Joss, and comments from fans. (If you're having trouble finding the Easter Egg, it's on the Language Selection page, above the "Resume Episode" link. Here's a screenshot.)

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