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"Trust me, the wait has been worth it.... The booklet is also full of goodies...the sound quality is unbelievable...for anyone who truly enjoys great music...magnificent music"
- CityOfAngel.com

"...ridiculously brilliant....I can't see how a true Buffy fan can live without it"
- HippoPress.com

"...just as fun without the visuals...lyrics as witty as the series' stellar dialogue.... Ensemble pieces like "Walk Through the Fire" and "Where Do We Go From Here?" pull out all the stops -- perfectly"
- San Francisco Chronicle

"...often-hilarious songs.... Joss Whedon...has a decent melodic sense and a gift for clever rhymes"
- Rolling Stone

"...to listen to the musical on CD is such an improvement over what television speakers tin out...the musical itself is stupendous...for a series that already has a cult following, the musical has immediately become an uber-classic"
- The Colorado Daily

"...so perfectly captured the style of a musical....Truly masterful work"
- Altered States Magazine

"Joss Whedon and the program's actors accomplished the seemingly impossible, balancing charged lyrics with stirring storytelling...."Once More, With Feeling" CD is significantly more than a soundtrack. It's a delightful audio artifact showcasing the creativity, energy and wondrous unpredictability that defines Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
- SciFi.com

"...witty character-driven lyrics and solid pop/show tunery.... "Under Your Spell" is clearly the 'break-out number,' a melodic & sexy pop tune"
- Blogcritics.org

"If you're a die-hard fan of the show, this is a four star piece of work... There's a whole bunch of inside jokes about "Buffy," a few snappy dance numbers and a really bangin' rock song.... With music from other "Buffy" classic episodes...this album is vein of gold for slayer excavators"
- The Pitt News

"...it's not that Whedon's pop-rock songs are just clever or slyly humorous -- they're also surprisingly solid. Melodic and catchy in a way that great musicals are"
- The Daily Tar Heel

"...the real treat of this disc is in enjoying Whedon's music and lyrics....Whedon can craft a mean power ballad like "Under Your Spell,"... And "Let Me Rest in Peace" is a terrific metal rock number...merging TV drama and musical theater so cleverly and tunefully"
- TheaterMania

"...every bit as fun as the episode itself.... It's great music done, for the most part, with tongue firmly in cheek"

"The good news is it's pretty good. The songs are all catchy...a bonus several orchestral tracks from previous episodes are included and the 'Grr Arrgh' is perfect.... Perhaps the browsers in record stores will be inspired and amazed as I was"
- computercrowsnest.com

"Along with some fine music work is some really well done lyrics. Joss Whedon really flexes his literary muscles with lyrics that both have good pace and are even interesting"
- Into Liquid Sky

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