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Episode #107
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...bathed in light...

...charms in the air...

I'm under your spell

You worked your charm so well...

The moon to the tide...

...pulled to you so helplessly...

You make me complete!

Tara and Willow make an excuse to leave and, while walking through a park, Tara sings of how Willow has changed her life.

I live my life in shadow
Never the sun on my face
It didn't seem so sad, though
I figured that was my place

Now I'm bathed in light
Something just isn't right...

I'm under your spell
How else could it be
Anyone would notice me?
It's magic I can tell
How you set me free
Brought me out so easily

I saw a world enchanted
Spirits and charms in the air
I always took for granted
I was the only one there

But your power shone
Brighter than any I've known...

I'm under your spell
Nothing I can do
You just took my soul with you
You worked your charm so well
Finally I knew
Everything I dreamed was true
You make me believe

(They dance together, magically appearing in their bedroom)

The moon to the tide
I can feel you inside...

(Tara lays back on the bed, while Willow does something off screen....)

I'm under your spell
Surging like the sea
Pulled to you so helplessly
I break with every swell
Lost in ecstasy
Spread beneath my willow tree
You make me complete

(Tara levitates in ecstasy)

You make me complete
You make me complete
You make me complete

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