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Episode #107
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What a lot of fun!

...see you all...

...in hell!

Where do we go...

...we kind of won...

...we'll walk alone...

When does the end appear...

I touch the fire...

I died...

...I just want to feel...

Sweet discovers Dawn was not the one who summoned him with the talisman, and decides to leave.

What a lot of fun!
You guys have been real swell
And there's not a one
Who can say this ended well

All those secrets
You've been concealing
Say you're happy now
Once more, with feeling

Now I gotta run
See you all...in hell!

He vanishes in a ball of light, leaving the gang pondering their future
Where Do We Go From Here?
DAWN Where do we go from here?
BUFFY & SPIKE Where do we go from here?
GILES The battle's done
And we kind of won
GILES & TARA So we sound our victory cheer
Where do we go from here?
ANYA & XANDER Why is the path unclear
When we know home is near?
ALL Understand we'll go hand in hand
But we'll walk alone in fear
GILES Tell me!

Where do we go from here?
When does "The End" appear?

SPIKE Bugger this!
(He regains control of his movement, and leaves)


When do the trumpets cheer?
The curtains close
On a kiss, God knows
We can tell the end is near
Where do we go from here?
Where do we go from here?
Where do we go from here?
  Outside the Bronze, Buffy catches up to Spike.
SPIKE You should go back inside. Finish the big group sing... Get your Kumbaya-ya's out.
BUFFY I don't want to.
SPIKE The day you sus out what you do want, there'll probably be a parade...seventy-six bloody trombones!
BUFFY Spike -
SPIKE Look, you don't have to say anything.
I touch the fire
And it freezes me

I look into it
And it's black

This isn't
But I just wanna feel...


I died

So many years ago

You can make
me feel...

  (They kiss passionately)
GILES, TARA, ANYA, XANDER, WILLOW, DAWN Where do we go from here?


(operatic style)  GRRRR ARRRRGGGGHHHH

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