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Episode #107
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Notes Act I  


                                  The stage is in bluish MOONLIGHT,
                                  with some headstones scattered

                                  Downstage center (over the trap
                                  door) is BUFFY'S GRAVE.

                                  WILLOW, TARA, XANDER, and ANYA
                                  enter, walking to the grave. TARA
                                  wears a NECKLACE made from braided
                                  flowery herbs.

                                  WILLOW, leading, is holding the
                                  URN OF OSIRIS, TARA is holding a
                                  lighted CANDLE and XANDER holds 2
                                  CANDLES while ANYA is using a
                                  LIGHTER to try and light them.

           Does everybody have their candles?

                       (flicking lighter)
           I'm trying. Maybe if Xander would just stop
                       (to XANDER)
           Are you afraid or something?

           Afraid? No. We're only trying to raise Buffy
           from the dead. Of course, if we do bring her
           back, she might just be looking to eat our

           Oh, so it's only zombies you're scared of...I
           thought it might be commitment.

                       ("not here")

           Anyway, zombies don't eat brains unless
           instructed to by their zombie masters.
                       (She takes a candle from XANDER)
           A lot of people get that wrong.

           Quiet, we've all agreed on this.

           We all here agreed on this. We all not here
           didn't get a vote.

           The others might not understand. They might not
           want to try.
                       (She can see Xander needs a pep talk)
           Buffy didn't die a natural death. She was
           killed by mystical energy...which means we
           don't know where her soul really is. She could
           be trapped in some sort of hell dimension...
                       (becoming emotional)
           suffering eternal torment, just because she
           saved us, and I'm not -- I'm not gonna leave
           her there.... It's Buffy.

                                  Long pause.

           Let's do it.

           Okay. Start the circle now.

                                  They kneel in a semi circle around
                                  the grave.

                        WILLOW (cont'd)
           Osiris, keeper of the gate, master of all fate,
           hear us.

                                  She dips her finger into the blood
                                  in the urn, and marks her forehead
                                  and each cheek with it.

                        WILLOW (cont'd)
           Before time, and after. Before knowing, and

                                  She pours the rest of the blood
                                  onto the grave.

                        WILLOW (cont'd)
           Accept our offering. Know our prayer.

                                  WILLOW's body suddenly tenses. Her
                                  face contorts in pain.


           No! She's being tested. This is supposed to

                       (battling through the pain)
           Osiris! Here lies the warrior of the people.
           Let her cross over.

                                  WILLOW convulses in another,
                                  stronger wave of pain. She cries 
                                  out, trying to muffle it.

           She needs help!

           Xander, she's strong! If we break the cycle
           now, it's over.

                                  SOUND FX: Mayhem? Motorcycles

                                  TARA, ANYA and XANDER start
                                  looking around nervously.

           Oh god.... they're coming.

                                  SPOTLIGHTS from the WINGS dart
                                  across stage to simulate the
                                  Motorcycle headlights approaching.

                                  WILLOW begins to glow in a
                                  SHIMMERING MYSTICAL LIGHT.

                       (yelling over the sound of the motorbikes)
           Osiris, let her cross over!

                                  Her head flings back in pain, her
                                  whole body cramps up violently.

           Oh my god, oh my god.

                                  WILLOW trembles, the sound of the
                                  MOTORBIKES get louder as they get
                                  closer, until suddenly --

                                  WHACK! A heavy biker chain is
                                  cracked across the back of the
                                  stage from someone in the WINGS
                                  and smashes a headstone -- like a
                                  cowboy cracking a whip.

                                  TARA, ANYA and XANDER jump back in

                                  SOUND FX: The sounds of the
                                  MOTORBIKES die out as one by one
                                  their engines are turned off.

                                  From the wings the holder of the
                                  chain, a HELLION, steps on stage.
                                  His action is basically  to
                                  announce the arrival of his
                                  leader, RAZOR, who enters. RAZOR
                                  surveys the scene and walks up to
                                  the grave. He chuckles.

           Say hello to our new Slayerless home, boys.
           Let's keep it that way!

                                  He stomps on the urn, crushing it.

                                  WILLOW collapses, unconscious. Her
                                  MYSTICAL LIGHT cuts out.

                        RAZOR (cont'd)
           This here is a momentous occasion -- the
           beginning of a new era. So I figure, what
           better way to kick off our 
           settling-down-on-the-hellmouth, than with
           a little christening?

                                  He pulls out a LARGE GUN.

                                  As he speaks, he points the gun
                                  casually from one scoobie to
                                  another, as though trying to
                                  decide on a victim.

                        RAZOR (cont'd)
           A symbolic act commemorating the new order
           around here... and ridding ourselves of any not
           so-pleasant reminders of the old. And since the
           Slayer is already dead, we'll just have to
           settle for the next best thing...

                                  His aim has settled on WILLOW,
                                  still unconscious. He squats 
                                  down in front of her. He seems 
                                  have made his decision.

                        RAZOR (cont'd)
           ...her little sister.

                                  DAWN, gagged and being held by  2
                                  HELLIONS is dragged on stage.


                       (muffled protestations)

                       (he stands and moves to Dawn)
           Aww, don't worry little girl, we're not gonna
           kill you... Not until we've really, really hurt
           you first.

                        SPIKE (O.S.)
           Over my undead body.

                                  SPIKE leaps onto stage as though
                                  jumping from a wall or headstone.
                                  He is in VAMP FACE. His LONG COAT
                                  seems a little bulkier than might
                                  be expected.

           Well, well, well. Spikey Boy... Pretty scary
           face for a eunuch.

                                  He runs a claw slowly down the
                                  side of DAWN's face.

                        RAZOR (cont'd)
           Looks like I'm not the only one who had to
           settle for the little sister.... Get 'im boys.

                                  Two HELLIONS move toward SPIKE. At
                                  the last moment he grabs something
                                  he has hidden under his coat. In a
                                  blur of the metal he knocks out
                                  both HELLIONS.

                                  Then his weapon is still. It's now
                                  clear to see it's a MOTORBIKE
                                  EXHAUST PIPE (handle bars?). He
                                  throws it on the ground in front
                                  of him.

           Thanks for the loan...

           Oh, Spike... Now that's just vandalism.

                       (To scoobies but still staring at Razor,
           You four...run.

           Not without Dawn.

           I've got Dawn.

           Oh, really? Now, I could have sworn I've got

                                  He takes the CHAIN from HELLION 1
                                  and begins spinning the end like a

                        RAZOR (cont'd)
           ...and you've got a mighty big problem.

                                  He cracks the chain toward SPIKE,
                                  who spins as he sidesteps it,
                                  bringing him slightly closer to

                                  RAZOR cracks the chain again, his
                                  time landing the other side of
                                  SPIKE, who spins the opposite
                                  direction and is now about half
                                  way along the chain to RAZOR.

                                  Before Razor can crack the chain
                                  again SPIKE grabs it and tugs on
                                  it with such force that RAZOR
                                  comes flying toward him, where his
                                  face runs hard into SPIKE'S raised
                                  elbow and he falls.

                       (glancing back to the scoobies,

                                  XANDER picks up WILLOW and they
                                  scamper off. SPIKE gathers up the

                        SPIKE (cont'd)
           Dawn.... Down!

                                  Still held by the 2 HELLIONS, DAWN
                                  lets her weight drop, leaving the
                                  2 HELLIONS exposed. He swings the
                                  chain across them sending them
                                  flying, then stretches out his
                                  hand to DAWN. She grabs it and he
                                  sweeps her up.

                        SPIKE (cont'd)
           Let's fly, pigeon!

                                  They run off stage.

                                  RAZOR slowly gets to his feet. The
                                  other HELLIONS are groggily coming
                                  to. As RAZOR walks back toward the
                                  wings toward his bike, he kicks
                                  the HELLIONS on the ground to
                                  hurry them up.

           Come on. We're gonna tear this town apart.

                                  They exit.

                                  SOUND FX: Motorbikes start up and
                                  ride off. In the distance is the
                                  sound of mayhem -- screams,
                                  breaking glass, burglar alarms,
                                  police sirens, etc.

                                  LIGHTS FADE slowly, but the lights
                                  on the GRAVE fade a little slower,
                                  making it slightly lighter than
                                  the rest of the stage. When the
                                  lights are almost completely down

                                  A HAND bursts through the surface
                                  of the grave!


                                  The band launches into a kick-ass
                                  electric version of:

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